Veneer Dentistry in Austin, Texas

Veneer Dentistry in Austin, Texas

Porcelain Veneers

At Austin Dental Works, we specialize in veneer dentistry in Austin, Texas. Did you know that over 90% of Americans believe that a beautiful smile is an important social asset? That's where veneers come in. Our team of skilled dentists are experts in providing high-quality porcelain veneers and dental composite veneers to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Whether you're looking to correct discoloration, chips, or gaps, our veneer treatments can give you the confident smile you've always wanted. We also offer teeth whitening and porcelain crowns to complete your smile makeover.

Porcelain veneers are a popular and effective cosmetic dental treatment for enhancing the appearance of our patients' smiles. When it comes to veneer durability, porcelain veneers are known for their strength and resilience. They are designed to withstand normal biting and chewing forces, making them a long-lasting solution for improving the appearance of teeth. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

At Austin Dental Works, we offer dental composite veneers as an alternative to porcelain veneers for enhancing the appearance of our patients' smiles. Dental composite veneers, also known as resin veneers, are made from a tooth-colored composite material that is applied to the front surface of the teeth. This procedure involves dental bonding, where the composite material is carefully bonded to the tooth enamel, resulting in a natural-looking and durable restoration.

Dental composite veneers are an excellent option for those looking for a smile makeover. They can address a variety of dental concerns, including chipped or cracked teeth, gaps between teeth, and minor misalignments. By carefully sculpting and shaping the composite material, our skilled dentists can create a smile that is both aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with your facial features.

One of the advantages of dental composite veneers is that they require minimal tooth preparation compared to porcelain veneers. This means that less enamel needs to be removed, resulting in a more conservative treatment approach. Additionally, composite veneers can be completed in a single visit, saving you time and allowing you to enjoy your new smile sooner.

At Austin Dental Works, we prioritize dental aesthetics and strive to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes. If you are considering veneers for a smile makeover, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team to discuss the benefits of dental composite veneers and determine the best treatment plan for you.

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Teeth Whitening

For our patients seeking a complete smile transformation, we also offer teeth whitening treatments at Austin Dental Works. Whether you're looking to remove stubborn stains or simply enhance the brightness of your smile, we have options for you. While home remedies may seem like a cost-effective solution, professional treatments can provide more effective and long-lasting results. Home remedies, such as using baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, may offer temporary whitening effects. However, these methods are often not as effective as professional treatments and may even cause damage to your teeth and gums if not used properly.

Professional teeth whitening treatments, on the other hand, are performed by experienced dental professionals who can ensure your safety and the best possible results. At Austin Dental Works, we offer in-office teeth whitening treatments that use advanced technology to remove deep stains and brighten your smile. These treatments are customized to meet your specific needs and can provide noticeable results in just one visit. Additionally, we also provide take-home whitening kits that allow you to maintain your results over time.

It's important to note that the long-term effects of teeth whitening can vary depending on individual habits and lifestyle choices. To maintain your bright smile, it's recommended to avoid foods and beverages that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Regular dental hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing, are also essential for preserving your whitened teeth. With our teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve a radiant smile that boosts your confidence and leaves a lasting impression. Contact Austin Dental Works today to schedule a consultation and discover the best teeth whitening option for you.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

To continue our discussion on cosmetic dental procedures, let's explore how porcelain crowns can enhance your smile at Austin Dental Works. Porcelain crowns are custom-made caps that are placed over damaged or decayed teeth to restore their shape, size, and strength. These crowns are made using high-quality porcelain crown materials, which closely resemble the natural color and texture of your teeth, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking smile.

There are several benefits of porcelain crowns. Firstly, they provide excellent durability and strength, allowing you to comfortably bite and chew without worrying about damaging the crown. Secondly, porcelain crowns are stain-resistant, meaning your smile will stay bright and beautiful for a long time. Additionally, these crowns can improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth, enhancing your overall smile aesthetics. When it comes to the cost of porcelain crowns, it may vary depending on factors such as the number of crowns needed, the complexity of the procedure, and the location of the dental practice.

However, considering the long-lasting benefits and natural-looking results, porcelain crowns are often considered a worthwhile investment in your dental health and confidence. At Austin Dental Works, our experienced dental team will guide you through the porcelain crown procedure, ensuring that you understand the process and feel comfortable every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how porcelain crowns can transform your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Austin Dental Works, we offer porcelain veneers at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable team can provide you with a detailed cost comparison, discuss insurance coverage options, and help you explore flexible payment plans.

The dental composite veneer process timeline can vary depending on factors like the number of teeth being treated and any additional procedures needed. Temporary options like teeth whitening can improve tooth appearance while waiting for veneers.


There can be risks and side effects associated with teeth whitening procedures. It's important to consult with a dental professional to discuss potential complications and determine the best course of action for your oral health.

Yes, porcelain crowns can be used to fix a cracked tooth. They are a common dental restoration option that provides strength and durability while also improving the appearance of the tooth.


Yes, there are alternatives to porcelain veneers for improving the appearance of teeth. Tooth bonding, also known as dental bonding, and dental contouring are two options that can help enhance the look of your smile.